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Why Do I Need a Wedding Coordinator?

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

One of the most common questions I get when working with brides for the first time is "Why do I even need a wedding coordinator, can't I do it myself?" And the answer is a resounding: "Of course, you can!" This is your day so you can organize it however you would like. Here are a few of the reasons that people choose to use a coordinator.

1. Coordinator or not, someone has to handle the details.

In my experience with weddings over the past 20 years, someone ends up handling all of the details of the day by default. Most times these tasks fall on the family or the bridal party. I see mothers scurrying about, fixing decorations, Bridesmaids are wrinkling their dresses while they attempt to clean a spot off the wedding dress, or groomsmen are running last-minute errands. No matter what, someone important to the wedding is going to have a stressful day handling the details. Let that be your coordinator!

Coordinators essentially get paid to take on your stress. In addition to making sure that makeup artists, photographers, DJ's and caterers are all in place and on time, some of the weird tasks that I have done for my brides include: fixing ripped bridesmaid dresses, keeping in-laws/new spouses apart to avoid conflict, praying with a frazzled bride to calm her nerves, creating a new back using tulle and flowers for a dress that a bridesmaid failed to have fitted, adding decorations to a cake, and ejecting unruly guests. While I was handling all of that - the bridal party and their families were able to relax and enjoy their day.

2. Venue Requirements

Many venues now require you have a dedicated coordinator to handle details so that they can be protected against damages to their buildings. Venue operators have found that communication flows better and cleanup is more thorough when there is a coordinator present. Speak with your venue about what services they offer internally and what services they would require of a coordinator.

3. Timelines

The only timeline you want to worry about is the time when you walk down the aisle. Wedding coordinators make sure that the timing is set for your vendors to show up to your venue and be in place. They will work backward from the time of your ceremony to plot out what times each should arrive and be set up to cause the most minimal disruption to your day. In addition, coordinators work with you in the months and weeks before the wedding to make sure that your save the date cards & invitations go out on time, that tuxedos and dresses are ordered and altered, and all of your venue requirements are fulfilled.

4. Your Maid of Honor doesn't need to be an actual Maid

After a beautiful day spent with your family and friends, and the money spent to make the party an amazing event, the last thing you and your party wants to do is clean up afterward. Having a wedding coordinator means that messes get cleaned up (often as they are left behind), chairs are stacked, surfaces are wiped down and your contract with the venue is fulfilled. You and your friends and family can preserve those beautiful wedding clothes and let our tear-down crew make everything sparkle at the end of the night.

5. Budgets Matter

Sure getting recommendations from friends or the Internet seems like a great way to pick vendors, but those recommendations can have wide-swinging different price lists? Coordinators often have tried and true vendor relationships to ensure that they not only stay in budget but that they are reliable and will work together with your entire vendor team. Special pricing can often be arranged for preferred vendors as well.

Take the stress out of your wedding day by hiring a professional service to handle all of the details of your event so that you can focus on What Matters Most!

if this sounds good to you. Contact us with your date and location and we will other help you or find you the right fit.

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