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5 ways to get the best recommendations on wedding forums

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Wedding forums on social media sites can be an excellent way to find vendors, like-minded

brides, and suggestions for planning your wedding. Vendors love to connect with potential couples through these forums as much as brides like to trade wedding decor, tips and experiences. Here are five tips for maximizing the suggestions that you get from the wedding forums experiences and decreasing your frustration.

1. Give details!

Instead of saying: "I'm looking for recommendations for caterers that won't cost an arm and a leg for fall wedding"

Try this instead: "Looking for caterers on October 10th for a 200 guest wedding at The Venue. Our ideal menu includes vegan lasagna and triple meat bbq with lots of pasta sides. Our maximum budget is $16 per person"

Giving a budget, guest count, venue and above all things the DATE of your event so that vendors who may be interested in helping can make an informed decision about whether they are available or if they would be a good fit for you before they respond. There is nothing more frustrating than contacting a bunch of referrals and having them already booked or not able to accommodate your menu. I promise that you will get less overwhelmed and receive more specialized leads businesses that are prepared to offer you what you want for your wedding if you are more precise with your initial ask.

2. Don't be afraid to share your Pinterest board!

Instead of saying: "Give me your recommendations of your favorite florists"

Try this instead: "I'm looking for a florist on 9/18 that has experience in a boho feel, our colors are terracotta and sage. I am looking for 10 pampas grass centerpieces and I have five attendants on each side that will need bouquets and boutteniers<link to Pinterest board - or collage of your best ideas>"

Especially if you are looking for creatives like florists, photographers, & videographers aesthetic is EVERYTHING. By showing your vendors what is catching your eye, they can tell right away if they are going to be a good fit for you. Notice the DATE and what you are looking for so vendors can see if they have capacity on those days before they respond. Bonus: other brides may see something in your suggestions that they love and can incorporate as well.

3. Tell us your budget!

Instead of saying "Looking for a budget-friendly wedding coordinator"

Try this instead "My fiancee and I found an extra $1000 in our budget for a wedding coordinator at The Venue on August 9, who do you know that has packages in that range?

Look, the money discussion is the thing that sucks most about talking about weddings is talking about money. But the term "budget-friendly" means different things to different people. I have quoted $2500 for services to some brides who thought they were getting a steal, and I have quoted $500 for some services and it was a stretch for their already thin budget. The important thing is to be honest about where you are with your budget so that vendors can let you know what their range of packages and let you make a decision that makes sense to you. Most of us can customize services to meet your price range but you will be far less frustrated if your vendors know what they can offer you. Venue choice can help because some will offer more services in their contract so we don't have to charge you extra for those same services.


If there was one constant across all the suggestions that we presented here it is TELL US YOUR DATE! All of the suggestions and referrals in the world will not do you any good if we can't respond right away with a quick up or down on whether we are available on the date that you want.

This is ESPECIALLY true if your wedding is in the autumn. Most wedding vendors book up quickly in the fall so giving the date upfront helps weed out your choices quickly and helps prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

5. Get a planner or coordinator to help you (and ask them for suggestions first!)

You knew this one was coming right? Forums are great and all, but if you have a planner or a coordinator working with you, They will know right away if a vendor you are looking at will fit your budget and aesthetic. If you start working with a professional early on, all you have to do is say "do you know a ____" and we will automatically be in the DM's of people who work well with us and will do the best work for your day.

If our team at What Matters Most can help you with a stress-free planning experience, feel free to reach out with your date we will be happy to customize a package for you.

Kristi - Lead Planner - What Matters Most


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