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What Am I Missing?

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

You are going to forget something. Why? Because you have never done a wedding before, so you don't know what kind of emergencies to plan for. Luckily - we HAVE! After each wedding, our team puts our heads together to see if there is anything we can add to make sure we are ready for any challenges that come along.

At my last wedding, I barely got out of my van before my intern asked, I know it is a long shot but do you happen to have an extension cord and a Bluetooth speaker? I laughed, and produced both items from the bins in my van without breaking a sweat! Those are the kind of services that you get when you have professionals coordinating your day.

Every bridal party gets access to our Wedding Emergency Bag that includes all of the pesky things that pop up that you may have forgotten to bring!

Our kit includes:

  • First Aid kit: Bandaids, ibuprofen, blister pads, Liquid IV, Tums, nail clippers, glucose tabs, antiseptic, smelling salts, eye drops, tissues, wet wipes, Qtips

  • Sewing Kit: needles and thread, sewing scissors, safety pins, boutonniere pins, seam ripper

  • Beauty and Hygiene: Bobby Pins, hair elastics, hair spray, dry shampoo, Carmex, spray deodorant (men's and women's), makeup remover, nail polish remover, static cling spray, wrinkle release spray, hairbrush, teasing comb, eyebrow razors, breath spray

  • Misc: Microfiber cleaning cloths, Tide Pens, Bluetooth Speaker, Scissors, Pens, Notecards, ziplock baggies (sandwich and gallon size) Portable Clothes Steamer, Iron, Black Socks, clear umbrellas, cigar cutter, lighters extension cords, paper fans, lockbox for marriage certificates and rings, serving spoons, cake cutting supplies, extra plastic plates/forks, water and snacks for bridal suites, cooler bins, zip ties, fairy lights (cool or warm), access to the van to transport leftovers or gifts after the wedding.

How many things from that list would you have thought to pack? What do you think we should add to the list? Does the idea of packing all of this stuff make your head explode? We are here to help. Contact us at or 816-945-7710 to discuss!

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