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The What Matters Most experience begins  before your event for decoration and rehearsal.  If needed, we will be happy to pick-up any items that are not being delivered to the venue by your vendors (hint: Kristi is a linen fanatic so if you have fancy folds for your napkins she is your girl!) 

Before you leave rehearsal, we will have outlined the wedding day, made any corrections to the schedule, and we will take custody of the rings and marriage certificate in our secured lockbox (if requested).  

On the day of your ceremony, we will arrive  before the first vendor is scheduled.  We will set-up and decorate the space to your specifications, & make sure that the bridal party's needs are all met.

All vendors will contact our team instead of family or bridal party members so your day is seamless and stress-free.  DJ's, photographers, makeup artists, and caterers will all be ready to go at the appointed times.


We will ensure that everyone is in place and lined up for your wedding, make sure that your family and bridal party are photo-ready at the correct time, and that your best man has the rings in his pocket for the big moment.  

You will find us placing glasses in the right hands for toasts, spot-fixing wardrobe issues, organizing the receiving line, and directing guests as needed so that your family can relax and enjoy the day.

As your day winds down, we will start cleaning up, packing up, and loading up the venue.  On average we are ready to lock up within 30-45 minutes after your event ends.

The day after, we are available to return rentals and organize any bridal breakfast/brunches so you can soak in the joy of being a newly married couple.

Let us take on the details of your wedding day so you can focus on What Matters Most. Getting married to the love of your life! 

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